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For over 35 years, Dec-Tam has been the “go-to” company for asbestos removal throughout New England. Our extensive and proven experience in the area of asbestos removal has led to a remarkable reputation among our peers and customers alike. Over the years, we have seen and done it all. It is very unlikely for Dec-Tam to be involved in an asbestos removal project that we have not previously experienced.

Asbestos was originally used as a spray applied flame retardant thermal system insulation. This “flocking” process was utilized as insulation above false ceilings, inside technical ducts and many other small places where firefighters would have difficulty gaining access. However, flocking also allows asbestos fibers to become airborne, and that is when the trouble begins. Maintenance personnel are particularly affected because they are the people who have to drill holes in walls for various reasons, such as cable or pipe installation. Effective treatment usually involves asbestos removal or encapsulation.

At Dec-Tam, our estimators have over 100 years of combined experience in the asbestos field and know how to price jobs accurately. Our solutions often include approaches that we have learned on other jobs. The same is true for our project managers; our project managers and senior supervisors have been working on asbestos removal projects with satisfied Dec-Tam customers for an average of 12 years. To our customers, this has translated into projects being completed professionally, safely, on time and on budget.

Whether you are removing 5 linear feet of asbestos on piping or tens of thousands of square feet of ceiling or floor tile, Dec-Tam remains the “go to” company for asbestos removal in New England.

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