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When environmental contaminants are discovered at your facility, Dec-Tam will be there for you. We work closely with your industrial hygienists and consultants to remediate your facility safely, expeditiously, and cost effectively. Because we have been in this business for over 30 years, there are few situations that we have not come across before. This experience has translated into better pricing and shorter schedules for our customers.

Internal to your building, we will address your mold, mercury, PCB, asbestos and lead issues. Externally we can remediate guano and lead paint, or clean your building facade to give it a much needed face lift. We also have capabilities to clean and remove storage tanks and any associated contaminated soil.


Asbestos projects can consist of a small section of corrugate pipe insulation to thousands of square feet of floor tile and mastic. We also remediate asbestos containing fireproofing from structural beams.


Water leaks, severe storms, and improper ventilation are typically the causes of mold issues for our customers. We can decontaminate from non porous surfaces, however, porous materials such as fabric and paper coated gypsum board must often be discarded.


We usually come across bird & bat guano on building exteriors, in aircraft hangars, church steeples and attics. The build up can cause histoplasmosis and must be removed by trained and fully protected environmental technicians.


Lead paint may be removed from underlying wood or metal substrates by blasting or chemical means to prepare surfaces for a new finish. Depending on the substrate and the desired finish, we have several options to address lead from sand blasting, rotopeening to manual scraping.


If you have a spill call us. The proper removal and disposal of mercury following a spill requires slow and meticulous efforts on the part of our environmental technicians to contain, remove, and prevent the spread of mercury and its dangerous vapors.


PCBs can be found in many building materials; paint, expansion joints, adhesives and caulking. They can leach into substrates and often require remediation. We understand that each PCB project is unique and the levels of contamination can vary from one section of a painted wall to another. We have been working on these types of projects since 2000, and understand the EPA guidelines. Call us if you need us to evaluate or estimate your project for you.


Underground storage tanks have a limited useful life and have a high probability of leaking when it has been in the ground for twenty years or more. A leak in an underground storage tank can contaminate soil and groundwater causing potential environmental and health risks. Dec-Tam is fully licensed to handle all above and underground storage tank removals and can inspect the surrounding area for contamination at the time of tank removal.


Dec-Tam will provide turnkey services for all of your contaminated soil needs. These include determination, excavation, characterization, transportation and disposal.



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