Dec-Tam tearing down a Smokestack

No Job Too Big or Tall

Bostik Smokestack teardown

There is no job too big or too tall for Dec-Tam.

That philosophy was recently put to the test when we were asked to remove asbestos containing materials and PCBs from a boiler house before demolishing it and the adjacent 125 foot brick smokestack.

The 65,000 square foot building housed two primary boilers which had been used to provide steam heat throughout the plant. The interior, exterior and roof of the building contained asbestos and polychlorinated biphenyls which were removed and disposed of prior to inspection. Once the areas were cleared, we were able to proceed with the take down of the building.

Preparation for the building takedown included constructing a base area around the smokestack using bricks from the building. The bricks would protect the surrounding asphalt from being dinged or damaged by falling debris. The boiler house was then taken to the ground and all material segregated and recycled at the appropriate facilities.

All that remained was the giant smokestack. Taking down a 125’ smokestack is no easy task but our highly skilled crew devised a plan that would result in a safe and cost effective take down of the stack. With the help of an 80 ton crane, a man lift and pneumatic guns, the top 60 feet was knocked inside the stack. With 65 feet remaining, an excavator with an extension arm was used to bring what was left to the ground. The final stage of the project included backfilling the site to grade using processed gravel.

No job is out of reach! Big or tall, Dec-Tam can do it all safely, quickly and within budget!

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