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Now and again a project comes along that requires all hands on deck. In March 2015, Dec-Tam had the opportunity to prove that when it comes to experience, service and team work , we can’t be beat.

The Players – A building owner, a new tenant, a General Contractor, the Dec-Tam team.

The Field – The former home of the New Haven Register. The 135,000 square foot building had served as headquarters to the publication for many years until production of the newspaper was outsourced in 2012.

The History – Once the owner of the building identified a new tenant, the owner had several environmental impact studies done. The new tenant, a high end furniture retailer, decided to move forward in leasing the space and assumed a portion of the cost of the clean-up. At this time it was decided that the owner would be responsible for the exterior clean up while the new tenant would be responsible for the interior clean-up and build Nucatola KBE out of the space. Each party would compile its own work scope and hire contractors to perform the necessary work for their space. The projects were to be performed independent of each other so each party was free to hire contractors that were most qualified for the scope of work that was to be performed. After a formal bid process the owner awarded the exterior work to Dec-Tam. The new tenant had a bit more of a challenge in that they needed to hire a General Contractor who would oversee the interior environmental work and then build out the space. Once the GC was selected the interior environmental work went out to bid and was awarded to Dec-Tam.

Exterior Work Scope – Dec-Tam mobilized a crew to immediately begin work on the exterior of the building as the new tenant searched for a GC to handle the interior. Exterior work included the removal of 7,000 linear feet of asbestos/polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) contaminated expansion joint caulking. The Dec-Tam crew also removed soil and concrete from underneath each of the joint expansion locations, abated asbestos roofing materials and demolished three small CMU block structures.

Interior Work Scope - Once the GC was selected and Dec-Tam awarded the interior contract, it was time to break down the scope of work for the sake of efficiency.


Interior Work Part A – Demolition – The demolition portion of the work included the complete interior demolition of the entire building. This included the sprinkler system, all electrical, plumbing, ceiling grid systems, hard ceilings and walls. It also included structural demolition to the mezzanine system.

Interior Work Part B – PCB Work – The PCB work was related to the Risk Based Performance Plan submitted to and approved by the EPA. This work consisted of encapsulating the substrate adjacent to the vertical expansion joints. This was done using a two part epoxy paint approved by the EPA. It was roller applied 18” on each side of each vertical expansion joint. The same epoxy paint was applied around each of the windows identified on the drawings. Because the floor was affected with some of the expansion joints caulking, it needed to be shot blasted and the PCB’s sealed in with the same epoxy. Three large transformers, each containing PCB fluid, were carefully drained. The fluid was consolidated into DOT approved containers and disposed of to a licensed facility capable of receiving the waste stream. Additions to the original work scope included:

  • Window and door openings to the concrete panels
  • Exterior asbestos paint abatement
  • Plumbing and electrical concrete trenching
  • Lead paint abatement
  • And the cleaning of an oil water separator.

The “Behind the Scene” - While the actual field work was involved, it was also pretty straightforward. Dec-Tam’s skilled field crews were efficient and delivered the same high quality work and service our customers have come to expect. The success of these jobs started with the Dec-Tam estimators who collaborated with the building owner, new tenant and the General Contractor to insure the end result of the project would match their vision. Dec-Tam’s Administrative team took the ball from there and made sure the jobs were scheduled, proper notifications and permits pulled and changes to the job accommodated. From there Dec-Tam’s Operations team stepped in and staffed crews, matching experience and skills to the needs of the job. Scheduling and staffing these jobs was no easy task considering at peak, there were 4 different Dec-Tam crews working on 4 different “jobs”

When players come together and share the same common goal and level of commitment success is certain.

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