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When Hurricane Sandy blew in on October 25th 2012, Jim Greco wanted to check in on his custom screen printing and embroidery shop; Greco Graphics in Billerica. He knew that the power was out but he was very surprised to find wet rug under his feet when he entered the office area. When he went to investigate further, there was two inches of water in the operations area, the plant’s plaster ceiling had collapsed on top of his equipment and water was still coming down from above. Additional inspection revealed that a faulty sprinkler connection had let go, releasing hundreds of gallons of water. The water quickly saturated the blown in insulation and collapsed the ceiling on top of machinery and inventory.

Jim acted quickly. He contacted his insurance company and hired the local, popular restoration company that advertises on TV. The restorers came, set up dehumidifiers and “disappeared.” The machines were running but minimal progress was being made. After one day Jim was disgusted. “The two laborers were so nonchalant. There was zero urgency.” Water was wicking up the walls, inventory was sitting in puddles and machinery was still wet. Jim was losing money by the minute and they didn’t seem to care so he fired them. Knowing that each hour of down time for Greco Graphics meant additional business losses and potential loss of customers, Jim contacted Dec-Tam.

“Within 1 hour of the call to Dec-Tam, I had a crew of 6 technicians on the site. It was like night and day.” Dec-Tam had Conex boxes delivered to the site and one crew began to salvage all they could. They emptied the offices and showroom, ripped up the rugs, cleaned off the production equipment and removed all debris. At the same time, another crew began the demolition of the ceilings, walls and damaged finishes. The space was HEPA vacuumed, air dryers and additional dehumidifiers were utilized and the building was decontaminated utilizing an antimicrobial treatment.

Within two days of Dec-Tam’s arrival, the renovations were beginning. Dec-Tam was able to get Greco back in business at least a week earlier than planned. Jim was most impressed with Dec-Tam’s response time and thoroughness. “They even intervened on my behalf with our insurance company who wanted to leave certain wet walls in place. That was unacceptable to Dec-Tam and after opening up the walls further the insurance company was in complete agreement. It would have been a mold nightmare. ”

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Greco Graphics
Billerica, Massachusetts
Emergency Response to Flood
Project Size
15,000 square Feet
Project Summary
Rapid Response / Demolition / Content Remove & Recovery / HEPA-Vac / Dehumidification and Drying


“The folks at Dec-Tam were very patient as we dealt with different historic preservationists the end results speak for themselves spectacular. We will work with them again and recommend them to anyone who asks.”
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