Dec-Tam tearing down a Smokestack

What Goes Up Must Come Down

In the spring of 2014 Dec-Tam was contacted by a company that had recently downsized and relocated to a new corporate headquarters. Due to the relocation a large office building was no longer required. The decision was made to demolish the building but, before the building could be knocked down, all contaminated building materials needed to be removed.

What seemed like a straightforward job was complicated by the fact that a footbridge connected the soon to be demolished building to its sister building which was to remain. Careful consideration was taken in the early stages of planning to preserve the integrity of the building that was to remain.

Phase One of the project included removing all asbestos containing and PCB contaminated material from the interior of the building. Specific tasks included:

  • Removal of window systems that contained asbestos and PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) contaminated caulking
  • Asbestos contaminated drywall and joint compound on interior walls
  • Asbestos pipe wrap and
  • Contaminated carpet and vinyl floors

Interior abatement work was performed prior to moving on to the exterior abatement to keep the building protected from the elements and secured from trespassers.

Once the interior work was complete our skilled field technicians moved on to the exterior. Phase Two work included:

  • Abatement of the slate tile roof
  • Excavation of contaminated soil
  • Packaging and disposing of all asbestos containing material and PCB containing waste

Finally it was time to begin the final phase of the job. Phase Three consisted of taking down the building. Because Dec-Tam’s Project Managers, Supervisors and Field Technicians are highly skilled and cross trained in abatement and demolition, the crew was able to handle each phase of the job, saving the customer time and money. During the demolition phase, materials were segregated for proper recycling, the site backfilled and grades matched with imported screened loam transforming the demo site back into aesthetically sound commercial property.


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